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Double Ramasse

Picks up your boules as well as ANY kind of jack (but)


For picking up boule ánd jack (but)

Are you having difficulty picking up your boules on your own and do you also wish to be able to pick up your jack (but) yourself? In that case we have thé solution for you: the “Double Ramasse”.

The Double Ramasse is a telescope, on which a special ring is attached (not a magnet!) that will lift your jack and next to that it also has a strong magnet, with which you can pick up your boules (*).

These technigues are assembled seperately in such a way that you can even lift both your boule and your jack at the same time (see picture on right).

€ 19,95 apiece - order


(other currencies available on request)

Picks up any kind of but/jack

With the Double Ramasse you can pick up any kind of jack (but). That means the classical wooden buts/jacks, the ribbed plastic ones and even the new magnetized buts/jacks.

The magnetized jacks (buts) can be lifted both with the special ring and with the powerful magnet at the end of the Double Ramasse.

No waiting time

An extra advantage of using the Double Ramasse with respect to a classical 'magnet-on-a-thread' is the fact that with the Double Ramasse you can get to your boule and to your but/jack instantly. Because the stick is solid you can point at the boule you wish to lift directly and so you will not have to wait for any thread to stop swirling.

How does it work?


If you want to pick up your jack (but), place the ring (at the end of the Double Ramasse) 'over' the but/jack, while it is lying on the ground. The ring will end underneath it.


Then lift the Double Ramasse. The leverage effect of the mechanism will press the but/jack on to the black part of the stick

and the jack (but) will be picked up very easily.


Besides the ring for picking up your but/jack, the Double Ramasse also has a very strong magnet for picking up your boules (*). These two technigues can be used to pick up the but/jack as wel as the boule in the same motion.

The magnet and the ring are attached to a strong telescope of good quality. On top of that the Double Ramasse has a firm and beautiful foam rubber handle.

* The boules are considered to be lifted straight on
(see also
"Q and A / question 5.").